Art And Reality
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 After some early attempts at modernism
I turned to my own kind of realism in the 1980s.
The change was initiated by an encounter with
contemporary architecture: so-called 'postmodernism' -
vehemently condemned and ridiculed by most academics of the 80's
but also enthusiastically welcomed by some people.

To me the tearing down of modernist taboos
meant giving up all formalist paraphernalia
and ideological bias aspiring to a kind
of subversive moralism with the human mind
and figure at the centre of my artistic endeavours.
The subject matter is of the greatest,
the form  of minor importance.

In the early paintings from the 80's you may see that my
efforts were not too successful altogether due to a lack of skill.
So the first results were rather a kind of anarchic
realism before I settled down to what I call postmodern
realism, which developed its own language of ironical
and allegorical narrative.

The question of style or medium was never raised.
I would not paint for painting's sake,
but painting seemed to be the appropriate and the only
means to express my views, opinions and convictions
(of course a writer would say the same of his writings).

To my art modern information and communication technology
is as important as studying the old masterworks in the museums.
I am convinced that our time can do neither
without the one nor the other.

By the way, the sheep on top is actually a wolf in disguise.

K. G.


© Klaus Gropper 2001 - 2009